Jun 27 2005

My good pal Otis (Green Apron Monkey over there to the left) has tagged me to answer a meme-thingy about 6 albums and six songs that mean something to me. Bitch. Really, I’ve never been good about knowing specific songs or remembering the names/artists of ones I like and I REALLY don’t know albums. So I am going to answer the song part as much as I can and forget the album part even exists (unless I think of something). Here we go. I’m sure that as soon as I post this I will remember all the songs I REALLY should have put down and might have to do this all over again…

In no particular order:

1) Red Dress- Maia Sharp
This is a song that I came across just recently via the awesome local public radio station (one of the few things I like and would miss about Pittsburgh). It is a song about being anti-conformist without any of the teenage-angsty bad poetry that usually comes with that subject. The lyrics are good, the tune is good, her voice is good- what more can you ask for? You won’t take away my red dress. (Nor my red shoes, for that matter.)

2) I’m Not a Virgin Anymore- Poe
Not a new song, but a good older one. I don’t like this song because I can identify with it (I’m not really a bitter ho), but because it’s fun to sing along to something that is so unlike yourself. And it’s just a fun song to sing along to, Period. Not many songs by girls are nasty, either, especially non-rap songs. Good bitchy fun.

3) The next would be a classical song- I think by Bach. Honestly, I love this song but I never bother remembering what it is. I’ll find it and get back to you and tell you why it’s meaningful then.

4) Landslide- Any version
It just makes me think about my Mom and Sister. We were going to sing it at Strawberry. Maybe next year. Sometimes when I’m feeling all pregnant and hormonal it makes me cry- I’m not really sure why…

5) Art Star- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This song just makes me crack up. Every. TIme. It’s so true… (Say it in your best Kids in the Hall voice.)

6) Nina Simone. I just can’t choose a song. No one does pure, gut-wrenching emotion like Nina. Billie Holliday only wishes she could have the talent that Nina does in her little fingernail. No contest. Plus, you gotta love a lady who got so disgusted with America that she moved to France. She’s my idol.

WHEW. That’s hard. I’m sure I made some glaring ommissions (they’re just not glaring yet- I’ll wait til I see the whites in their eyes).

A couple albums I thought of:

1) The White Album- The Beatles (duh!)
This was the first CD my family owned. We bought it before we even owned a CD player. My sister and I wanted to hear it so badly that we made a tape (of what, I don’t remember) to play for my parents. We had just heard about subliminal messages and thought we would try it out. When we played the tape for my parents, every so often the music would stop and you could hear us chanting “get a CD player, get a CD player” over and over. Then the music would fade back in. We hadn’t realized that our tape recorder would cut out the music when we recorded our voices. My parents thought it was so funny that they did, eventually, buy a CD player- a much bigger investment then than now! When we finally got to hear the album, all the wait was worth it. We played the crap out of it. Still, when I hear a song from that album (or almost any Beatles, really) it’s almost as if I was born knowing it. They were some of the first songs I learned to play on my guitar, too. I think I’ll have to buy it for Cole- it’s something no one should grow up without.

2) Metallica- Metallica (the black album)
Maybe not great, but what got me into metal and metal’s just fun. (Too bad Metallica went down the shitter though)

3) Beastie Boys- Ill Communication
Again, maybe not great but what got me into rap (if you can call it that). Still one I love for long car trips.

4) Ry Cooder- I forget the album. ACK!
I still have memories of being 2 years old and dancing with my daddy to this album in our house in Tennessee. Those were the good days before my sister came (just joking- mostly!) I loved having him spin me around. My dad is still one of the most fun guys to dance with. One of the biggest reasons I wished I was having a daughter was so that she could have memories like this with her daddy and grandad, but maybe they’ll dance with Cole and his memories will be just as good.

I guess my album list isn’t so much about favorites as it is about influences. I could probably do this everyday and come up with something different each time. ALready I’m thinking of things that maybe should have been on it. I’ll obsess over this for weeks now- thanks a lot Otis! Let me know how I can return the favor!!

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