Jun 10 2005

Last night John and I went to the Fabulous Pixies concert. Believe it or not, it was the very first real “rock” concert of my life. I truly didn’t know what to expect. We were a little silly and went early not knowing what to expect of the crowd. We ate a nice dinner and then walked over just after the gates were opened at 7. The crowd was really small, actually, which wasn’t a huge disappointment. Unfortunately, when the opening act finally started after 8 (and I was already hot and tired) they sucked butt. I think they were called the Dellarays, or something like that- anyway, really not good. The crowd sure didn’t respond to them. The only thing I can say for them is that I’ve never seen a hard rock band with a black, soul-singing, female lead before and the bass player was really amusing to watch. It was a new experience.

When the Pixies finally came on stage at about 9:30, they started out kinda rusty-sounding and slow. I was thinking “oh shit, I just paid WHAT to STAND here in the heat and humidity and listen to WHAT?!” But, they warmed up pretty fast and they sounded amazing after the first couple songs. I mean, REALLY good. THe crowd was not big, but obviously full of fairly devoted fans and, though they certainly showed their enthusiasm, weren’t overly crazy. It was way too loud, but I kept my little purse and my sweatshirt balled up in front of my belly and we moved farther back a couple of times. Nobody minds when you want to get FARTHER from the band! John quite gallantly moved me safely away from the only jackass in the crowd who was deciding to try to start a mosh pit in the back (retard). John put himself between me and the jackass and started muttering about thinly disguised homoeroticism and that obviously the jackass just wanted an excuse to touch his friend. I was laughing my ass off, but trying to not let it show so we wouldn’t get hassled.

The band all looked old. I know they’re not THAT old, but they really looked it. But they sounded the same, and that’s what counts! Have you ever seen the movie “The Name of the Rose” with Sean Connery and Christian Slater? Do you remember the very fat, very white, gay, bald priest who was into self-flagellation? That’s what Frank Black looks like now. I mentioned the STRIKING resemblance to John and he couldn’t get it out of his head all night. Too funny!!

We had a good time, but I honestly don’t see the appeal in going to concerts all the time. Too much noise, too much smoke, too many stupid people. Maybe it would be more fun with a group or maybe I’m just too old and pregnant. (Young Punks! Get off the grass!…whoa… hope I’m not at the cane-shaking level yet.) It’s just, $90 to be uncomfortable for 4 hours? Not really for me, I think. The music was really good, though. Mommy like, Daddy like and Piglet like. He was dancing with me the whole time! And John got to finally really feel him, he was kicking so hard. I choose to believe it was because he liked the music, not because he was in there screaming “Mom, you bitch, you’re hurting my ears with this stupid music! Get me the hell outta here!” No, my kid is cool. He liked it. I’m sure that he will be a one baby wave of mutilation and grow up to be, be a debaser (..debaser..). (Sorry, I just couldn’t help it.)

Surprisingly, I wasn’t the only obviously pregnant woman there. I thought I was going to be, but then a VERY pregnant woman came in leading her blind husband. What a pair! I hope they had fun- it looked like she could hardly walk!

Oh, one more note: Pregnant me+out past bedtime+coming from loud smoky concert=CAN”T DRIVE. We’ll leave it right there.


  • By Beth Fish, June 10, 2005 @ 11:22 am

    You want pregnant girls, you should go to the zoo. We went a while ago and every other woman in the place was about to pop.

  • By ticknart, June 10, 2005 @ 4:24 pm

    Okay, so Piglet either really liked the Pixies and we can expect good musical taste, or Piglet hated it and you’ll be hearing Christian music for the rest of your life. I hope Piglet liked the Pixies.

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