Mar 21 2005

So I was just driving back from lunch. I have to pass through this funky section of this town called McKees Rocks on my way. On the “closer-to-work” side of the bridge there is a really skeezy looking “gentleman’s” club called something like Club Erotica. As I was driving past today, I noticed that they had one of those mobile cleaning services parked in their driveway. The name of the business was plastered all over the van- an obvious name of “VAN POWERED CLEANERS”all in caps. Unfortunately, someone didn’t do the best job of thinking through the placement of the words on the sliding door. With the door all the way open, which it was while in front of this club, the “an” of van and the “powere” of Powered were completely obscured leaving the V and the D(all in caps remember). Yes. VD CLEANERS. Beautiful.

And of course, no camera.

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  • By JuJubee, May 10, 2005 @ 10:51 am

    Found you through Beth (Fish) and had to mention that I grew up outside of Pittsburgh and know exactly what yucky strip club you are referring to…I lived in Oakland for a bit and even knew a girl who “danced” there. CLASSY! Wish I could think of some nice restaurants for you…

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