Nov 26 2003

LOTS of developments since the last time I posted!!! Firstly, I have been sacked. The stupid bitch didn’t even have the guts to call me the night before and let me know I didn’t have to come to work in the morning. I got up early and went to work as usual only to be greeted with her ugly cunt face telling me that she didn’t need me, that that’s it, to go home. Am I bitter about it? No, not really. I’m just disappointed that all of my worst fears about her as a person were proved true. I went home and called a few people and then called Nicole. She told me to meet her immediately because she was going to take me out shooting. So I did. It was GLORIOUS and I am, I have been told, a natural. (watch out those of you who have done me wrong) We had a lot of fun and it really made me feel better about that morning. I then went out and had a haircut and bought myself a camo shirt, just for fun. I should get sacked everyday if it’s going to be that much fun! I’m relieved to now have so much time to pack and look for a place. It looks like we’ll be moving sometime around the 19-21 of December. My sister and I are looking for a big house to share somewhere in Sonora. I can’t wait!! Now I get to have Christmas with my family, too. My biggest problem now is to figure out what to get everyone for this most joyous consumer holiday. Any suggestions? No, I won’t put in a link. You can all type. It’ll be good practice for ya. Anyway, lovies, go stuff yourselves- with Thanksgiving dinner I mean! Call us or write. WE MISS YOU ALL!!!

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