Nov 12 2003

I have been stood up again. NIcole and I were supposed to go to the range today, but she never called. I left a message at her house, but I’ve had no word. She was supposed to call at 4:00 and I waited around the house for her. I’m just about finished with the whole “friendship”. The worst part is that she is probably out drinking or something. How many chances do you give someone? If a relationship is making you depressed and angry, is that the time to stop trying? I really don’t know what to do, especially since she is a co-worker. HELP!!!

I am thining about embalming school again. InCalifornia, there is a school in Sacramento and one in Cypress (So.Cal.). THey both look good and are both accredited. It looks like I wouldn’t be able to start until we find out where John is going, though, which is a bummer.No head start for me.

John and I will be up here for Thanksgiving for sure and most likely for Christmas, too. We are scoping out job and living situations for Sonora now. Not much time left until the move! I only have about 30 days of work left- that’s nothin’. I’m getting nervous about having enough time to pack. We have to start this weekend.

Anyway- if anybody is trying to stay away from family or has no where to go for Thanksgiving, give us a call! We don’t really have plans yet.

It’s the beginning of the holiday season- don’t let it get you down.

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