Oct 20 2003

So, Nicole and I just found out today that it would only be about $25 for us to go shooting. I have always wanted to learn how to shoot and, wonderfully, so does she! It costs $10 for the range rental (this is an indoor shootery), $5 for the gun rental and then you pay for any ammunition you use. ROCKIN’! I never knew violence could be so goddamn cheap. I can’t wait, but they are only open from 9-6 M- F. I think I should open up a late night shooting place. “Come take out your aggression for your boss or the guy who just hit on your girlfriend at the bar at our ALL- NIGHT range! Better than out on the street!” I think that would be FABULOUS. I would probably go every night. “THat’ll teach you to piss on my couch! BLAM!BLAM!” Better than paintballs, anyway. If anybody comes up to visit, I’ll have to take you shooting. It’s just too cool to pass up. I think I’ll wear my tightest jeans and my cowboy boots. Maybe those NRA hicks will give us some free ammo.

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