Oct 14 2003

Credit is a dangerous thing. My credit, for a long time now, has been only to the limit of $700. But now, because John and I are going on this trip and I want a security blanket made out of money, I have asked to get an extended limit. I have been fairly good about my credit- there have been a few binges that I have paid for through the nose- and I really try not to use it for the most part. Internet ordering or purchases that I think I may want to take back, that sort of thing. When I called and asked for an extended credit I was thinking I would get something like $1,500 and I didn’t really want any more than that. The “credit advisor” on the phone asked me how much I wanted and I faltered, saying that I thought it was up to him to tell me how much they were willing to give me. He came back with the astounding number of $4,600! The first thing out of my mouth was “Um, ok…” Well, I won’t use it all… right? Shit, it’s tempting. It feels like play money. I started trying on shoes that I have had my eye on. “I don’t really have the money right now, but I DO have a large line of credit.” DANGER!DANGER! No, I didn’t buy the damn shoes. (butistillwantto!)

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