Oct 04 2003

Well, news, news and more news. As most of you know, John and I are going to Australia for a week. When I told my boss that I needed the time off for this once- in- a- lifetime opportunity, she said she would have to look for someone new. I got sacked, more or less. It’s not yet official, but it’s not looking good, either.

So, to celebrate my fresh sacking (sounds dirty, doesn’t it?), Nicole and I went out to a bar. I only had three drinks. Three drinks! I’ve had more several times in the past with no real problem. But do you think that’s what happened this time? Of course not. I made my way outside and sat on a doorstep like a bum. Nicole took me to her place where I laid on the floor, too drunk to even have the spins. I don’t remember much for a while there, but I know that John ran, literally, from home to Nicole’s to get me. I don’t remember anything after that until I found myself sitting on the kitchen floor next to the garbage, leaning over a cardboard box. The inevitable puking then commenced and I don’t know how I ended up in bed. John must be better at undressing me than I ever thought possible. I was sick as a DOG today- my 12 hour day at work. My first puking drunk experience. I was hoping to save myself for a really special occasion but sometimes a girl just can’t wait.

I’m still not really doing well but I’m hoping that sleep will take care of some of that.

On top of that, John is out drinking tonight without ME! Who of you ever thought that would happen?!

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