Sep 13 2003

Ok. shitgoddamn, as lovely Whit would say. So, I am just a big hopeless whiner who, like everyone else, thinks that my problems have GOT to be worse but, when confronted, realize I’m just one big whiner. I’m just going to tough it out at work- only 3 1/2 months left, anyway. I have also found a new reason to be excited. I am giving serious thought to going back to school to become a CPA. It would only take about two years, after which I could save money and put myself through Grad school for art. I could actually get a job with benefits and be able to have the baby that is just rarin to go in my dreams. How do y’all feel about being aunts and uncles in the next couple years? Do you wanna be at the birth? (heh, heh- Josh is shuddering.)

We do have to figure out where we are going to live from January to about July. No, Whit, it won’t be Memphis, I’m afraid. It will most likely be Sacramento or Sonora, but it sucks to try to find jobs and housing long distance.

And just one more thing tonight: Josh, Darling, I thought I was the cutest bass player you knew. I don’t rate anymore or something? You better make it up to me. I think Karaoke will do…

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