Sep 01 2003

Okay, yeah, I haven’t been writing. This is nearly the first day I have had off, though. And I’m sick. And mopey. I haven’t even written about our trip home. But I haven’t forgotten you, you future porn stars of America; you beautiful sexy bitches! I just haven’t had the energy to be a spirit fluffer since my own (spirit) has been suffering from erectile disfunction. And no, I am not talking about some poor Caspar. I just hate my job so much that I haven’t the words.

But the trip home was really lovely. We got to see our best friends and family. My sister, a really cool chick, just moved out of the house with the love of my life, my nephew Spencer, to live in Columbia. I’m prouder of her than she will ever know.

And Otis, the thing that surprised me most lately is the fact that you have an alcohol shelf with NO GIN! Shame!!

More will come later, little loves, but my cold is making my eyes hurt and I have to have a lie down. Kisses (full of germies!)

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