Jul 28 2003

I feel that, for the sake of anyone reading this that doesn’t know me, I should explain the links that I have here. Johhny Logic is my amazing husband. We have been together since the senior year of high school (which is about 6 years and 10 months by now). We have never officially married because we have a hard time believing that a piece of paper would make us more official than how we feel about each other. We did have a beautiful wedding ceremony for our friends and family two years ago. It was held in my prent’s back yard (which is a bit more grand than it sounds) and our fabulous friend Otis was the officiant.

Speaking of Otis, you can check out his blog at the greenapronmonkey link. Otis and I have known each other since at least kindergarten. We, more or less, lived in the same neighborhood. He helped me look for my puppy once. We lost touch when I went to private school in fifth grade. We didn’t meet up again until I started dating John and Otis happened to be one of his best friends. I think he’s fantastic. We also knew each other in High school, but never terribly well. I look forward to the chance of getting to know her better in the next few years.

I have already introduced Josh, so I won’t embarrass him again. He was also in our wedding as one of the best men.

The Bust link goes to the only magazine I would ever pay to read. I have a subscription I treasure.

Cydwoq is a company that we carry at my shoe store. I think it’s a really amazing little shoe line and one that I feel I can stand behind. Shoes handmade in California for under $300? THat’s a bargain! (No Joke.)

I have lots more to write but perhaps I should save it. If you would like to e- mail me you can use the Johnny Logic link and e- mail from there. I just don’t have it set up here yet.

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