Jul 30 2003

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the idea of being a Bright. A Bright is a person who is not religious. I do happen to fall into this category, being an atheist, but I’m not so sure I’m happy about it. Not only do I object to the stupid word they chose, but I’m also not sure I’m enough of a joiner to belong to a group like this. Or a group. Period. Groups do stupid things that individuals never would. Part of the reason I became an atheist is that I thought the idea of a group of people joined together by the belief in a magical being in the sky was scary and absurd. Is this so much better? The idea behind the “Bright movement” is to give irreligious people a word that has better connotations than “atheist” or “agnostic”, but at least those words are accurate. Most of us seem to be surly bitches anyway, why do we care what people call us? I ‘ve certainly been called worse things than “atheist”. Oddly enough, I have decided that, if the Bright movement takes off, they need to have a political party. I feel that the best person to be the first presidential candidate would be …Me. I thank you for your votes. You may send campaign money to…

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