Oct 30 2008

Birthday Recap

Cole’s birthday was great. I’ve hardly had time to process it, not to mention all of the photos taken. Not that I took photos- oh no no no. Like I EVEN ONCE remembered to pick up the fucking camera? HA! But my father was there and took so many on HIS camera that he wore out the batteries and had to use my camera. I haven’t even gotten to see the ones on his camera yet.

But the party was good. I didn’t kill anyone.

Beyond that? I didn’t pull out my hair, no one puked, no one spilled anything significant on my (light tan!) carpet, there were no meltdowns (though there was an unfortunate rock throwing incident, but it wasn’t my kid!! and the parents handled it nicely), nobody lost an eye, my dog didn’t eat any small children (or any children, or any adults for that matter, though I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded taking a bite out of the little punks throwing balls at her (she’s BLIND! She doesn’t play catch!) in her cage), and there was PLENTY of food for all.

Cole was spoiled beyond belief. I only just got finished with the thank you notes last night. I made Cole draw a little picture on each one. He got, I’d say, about 20 or so presents. That’s like Christmas! In fact, that may be MORE than he’s ever gotten for Christmas! I will say, though, that he has really played with and enjoyed everything. It was also WAY cool that, in those however many presents, there were NO repeats.

The house is back to normal(ish), though we’re still fighting the significant fly problem that was started by having about 40 people tramping in and out of my house on a fine fall day. The flies make me feel MURDEROUS. I will feel much more calm WHEN THEY ALL DIE.

The cousins “chillax” before the party in front of the SuperFriends. Inspiration, y’know.

“Yeah! You can share my brand-new toy!”

“Alright- enough, dude. Give it.”

Cole demonstrates other new toys…

… and why he’s the King of No Pants.

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