Mar 10 2010

In a Swimming Pool…

Okay, so what were my concerns? Here we go:

  1. Will my bathing suit fall off? No, it did not.
  2. Can I get my swim cap on? Yes, it went on fine after I got my hair wet (Thanks Naomi!), though being wet made me ice cold.
  3. Will my goggles leak? Nope! I brought 3 pair, just in case, but the first ones were great.
  4. Will I be able to see (my distance vision is crap anymore)? Didn’t actually matter this time, but I could not see the clock and worry that it will matter in the future.
  5. Will they laugh at me because I’m such a giant dweeb? (Dweebiness is a given, and a constant. Laughing at me because of it is likely, but not inevitable.) There was laughing, but it was by everyone, and not just directed at me. We were all nervous. And cold; very, very cold.
  6. Will I be freezing when I climb out? (Yes. Yes, I will.) Like I said. Very cold. It snowed just up the hill last night.
  7. Will the kids (mostly Rowan) freak out while I’m gone? They did pretty well. I’m not sure that Ro even knew I was gone until I got back, and then she freaked out.
  8. Will I barf? No, but I kind of wanted to.
  9. Will I drown? Nearly. Not as much of a joke as I wish it were.
  10. Will I not have shaved quite well enough? I perhaps shaved a bit too well. I didn’t want hair, but I also don’t like razor burn (ouch, and yuck).
  11. Will I crash into the other swimmers and make them drown? No, but the lane marker and I became quite intimate a number of times.
  12. Will I just be terrible, making them recommend that I leave before I hurt myself or others? I started by recommending that the teacher put me in the slowest group (no, really), but he didn’t listen and I was not asked to leave.
  13. What if I have to pee? Decided to not drink for a few hours before I went to class. I say “decided” like the fact isn’t that I just forgot. I do that a lot.
  14. What if I come up and have boogers all over my face? Never noticed that I did, but there are no mirrors, either. No one told me or discretely motioned to me that there was anything unsightly.
  15. I don’t know if I can dive anymore. Not a problem. No diving in class, it seems. Only in competition (NOT going there).
  16. Am I a dork if I don’t dive and instead just hop into the pool? No, that just means I’m a follower.

The class was great. Just great. The people were nice, the instructor was good, the swimming was comfortable. Mostly. I think I drank half the pool my first trip down the lane, which is why I kind of wanted to barf, but then it went pretty smoothly. That first trip down… I don’t know what happened. I ran out of breath and didn’t notice soon enough or something. My body started taking a breath while my face was still in the water, but luckily I swallowed it and came up instead of having it go into my lungs. I didn’t even cough. It was gross, but I tried to just brush it off and keep going.

I did not suck as much as I thought I would, and I actually think that I will benefit from my lack of experience. No experience=no bad habits, which seems to be most people’s biggest problem.

I was sorry when the class was over, and I’m looking forward to going back. The first class was on the slow side because he was mostly evaluating our abilities, so I don’t feel as much today as I expected to. I’m used to much longer exercise classes, so maybe I won’t really feel it with a 45 minute class. Maybe I will when the class picks up. We’ll see.

In summary, Master’s Swimming=Awesome. I’m so excited.


  • By Elizabeth, March 10, 2010 @ 1:17 am

    Go You! That’s great.

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