Oct 06 2008


The conference was good. Great, actually, and not nearly as emotionally wrenching as I anticipated, being so far from my boys. I think that mostly has to do with the women I went with (who were fantastic), how busy we were, and the serious sleep deprivation I endured.

The company I work for is in the process of implementing an ESOP- an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. It’s really very exciting. We need to do it to get through ownership transition (the current owners want to retire) without being bought out (and probably laid off) by some other huge competitor. But it’s also just cool- to have such an influence over the success of a company and to be able to turn around and see that success in terms of positive personal financial impacts… well, I think that’s pretty neat (especially when it isn’t costing me anything!). I’m on the communications committee for the company ESOP, so I, with two other co-workers, was chosen to attend this conference.

It was SO invigorating. I feel so much more enthusiastic and I have so many ideas about how we can successfully establish an “ownership culture” now. It was a really good way o jump me back into feeling good about work after the slump I’ve been in for the past few weeks.

But damn- it was so nice to get home! Cole kept touching my face as if he thought I might not be there. He also kept spontaneously announcing “I love you, Mom.” which was just about the nicest thing I could ever hope to hear (besides maybe “I love you, Mom. I’m now making millions as a legitimate businessman and want to take care of you the rest of your life.” That would be freakin’ sweet.).

Anyway… conference GOOD. Love GOOD. Home GOOD. Sleep GOOOOOD.

(ticknart- I didn’t get anything besides edumacated at the conference- it wasn’t that kind of conference.)


  • By ticknart, October 6, 2008 @ 4:38 pm

    If a (soon to be) three-year old is making millions…

    I was going to say that we’d have a pretty screwed up economy, but after I typed it, I remembered last week.


    And too bad about no free stuff. Pens and calendars should always be free to take at conferences.

  • By heels, October 6, 2008 @ 4:41 pm

    There were no vendor displays at all. It was actually really nice, for a change. I’ll be going to a convention in December where I’ll get my fill of free crap.

  • By HeatherPride, October 7, 2008 @ 9:02 am

    I’m so sorry about your mom, below. I hope you can work it out. Family relations are a complicated business, aren’t they.

    About Cole – that is so sweet. I mean, the sweetest. How awesome that must have felt.

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